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Russian Politician Dies After Husband Reportedly Sets Off Explosive During Sex In Car

A Russian politician and her husband died on Nov. 27 while reportedly having sex in the back of their car when the husband set off a bomb, possibly in a fit of jealous rage, police say.

Oksana Bobrovskaya, a member of President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party, was killed in the incident along with her husband, Nikita Bobrovsky.

According to police, the couple was having a sexual encounter in the backseat of their Toyota RAV4 near her office when the explosive went off.

When police investigated the scene, they found Bobrovsky holding a type of grenade or TNT, reported 

The windows of the car, except for the front windshield, were blown out. Both Bobrovskaya and Bobrovsky were found partially nude from the waist down.

According to LifeNews, it is believed the couple was experiencing some marital turmoil, reported The Moscow Times.

“Presumably during a fierce conflict he began to force her to perform her conjugal duty by threats and showing her an explosive device,” an unnamed police source told LifeNews.

According to the news site, Bobrovsky suspected his wife of cheating.

Evgenia Romanova, who lives in the apartment overlooking the scene, witnessed the explosion, reported

“It was horrific, something you would not wish anyone to see,” Romanova told “No heads, glass covered in blood — a nightmare.”

The couple is survived by their 4-year-old daughter, reports The Moscow Times.

Sources:, The Moscow Times / Photo credit:

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