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Russian Mom Accused of Drowning Daughter, 3, During Exorcism

Tamara Artemova, a mother of four, reportedly drowned her 3-year-old daughter, Natella, in a bathtub because she believed the girl was possessed by the devil.

Prosecutors claim the incident happened in the family's apartment in Kirov, Russia.

After allegedly drowning the toddler, Artemova carried Natella into a bedroom and laid her, unconcious, on the bed, where her husband Borys found her, reported Daily Mail.

Natella was taken to a local hospital, where she did regain consciousness briefly, but eventually died.

The Daily Star reports prosecutors told the court, "When questioned the woman said she had been trying to exorcise the girl's demons because she was possessed. She said that she had filled the bath with holy water and hoped that if the girl drank enough it would wash the devil away."

A neighbor, Nail Abdulov, confirmed that Artemova had claimed that the devil was controlling the young girl.

A spokesman for the police added, "When arrested she showed no remorse for what she had done, although she said she had not meant to kill her."

Artemova has been ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation, and could get a life sentence for infanticide if she is found to be sane.

Sources: Daily Star, Daily Mail
Image Credit: Leigh Caldwell/Flickr


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