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Woman Reportedly Drugged Russian Actor, Removed His Testicles While He Was Passed Out

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Russian Police launched an investigation following the drugging of a well known TV actor who woke up to find his testicles removed.

Dmitry Nikolaev, 30, reportedly had a drink with a young blonde woman following a performance at a local theater. The woman began flirting with Nikolaev and subsequently invited him to a sauna. Nikolaev, though married, agreed to join her. 

"They kissed and had some more beer and after that the actor remembers nothing," a police source said. Nikolaev woke up the next morning at a bus stop covered in blood and feeling "acute pain."

The man was rushed to a hospital, where doctors informed him that his testicles had been removed. According to the Daily Mail, the removal was done "like proper surgery by someone with a medical education." Nikolaev, who works as a children's animator, did not initially tell his wife what happened because he was "too embarassed."

Police, who said Nikolaev's testicles were removed in a "skillful way," believe the actor's beer was drugged at some point the night before, likely by somebody in connection to a gang that sells human organs on the black market. 

Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Life News via, Dennis van Zuijlekom/Flickr


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