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Russian Man Shoots Paramedics In Alleged Revenge Attack

A 55-year-old man shot four paramedics at an ambulance station in Simferopol, Crimea, Sept. 26, killing two and injuring the others.

Bekir Nebiev reportedly carried out the attack as an act of revenge following the death of his 16-year-old granddaughter recently due to undiagnosed meningitis.

“Today at 16.00 Moscow time [13.00 GMT] an unidentified man entered the territory of a first-aid station in Simferopol and opened fire on a medical vehicle,” a Russian Interior Ministry statement said, according to APA. “A doctor and two paramedics were in the ambulance.”

“One person died in an attack on an ambulance station and a woman died later in hospital,” Natalia Poklonskaya, Crimea’s Prosecutor, added. “Several people were injured.”

Irina Sukhanik, a 30-year-old paramedic, was struck in the chest and died at the scene. 55-year-old Tatiana Katkova, a nurse, was hit in the stomach and died in hospital.

Among the injured were 42-year-old Vladimir Slanchak, who suffered bullet wounds to the head, and Olga Zvonnik, who was struck in the shoulder. However, Zvonnik was able to help police identify Nebiev.

Nebiev’s granddaughter died three weeks ago after paramedics advised her family that she did not require hospital treatment for a high temperature. However, the teenager began having convulsions hours later and died, Daily Mail reported.

The shooter’s victims did not come from the same ambulance station which had visited his granddaughter.

Nebiev has a heart condition, and evidence also suggested that the shooting was an act of revenge for the care he received. The 55-year-old left a cardiogram printout at the crime scene, with a written message saying, “This is revenge. It crushed my chest.”

Nebiev had tried to call an ambulance earlier on the day of the shooting, but it failed to arrive promptly. Medical staff alleged that Nebiev would often call an ambulance just to check his blood pressure.

Police have been put on high alert in the region, including at medical centers where police guards have been put in place. A major search operation is under way in nearby forests.

Nebiev allegedly left home with a gun and his life savings, equivalent to roughly $3,200.

Sources: Daily Mail, APA/ photo credit: Daily Mail


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