Russian Helicopter Shot Down By Syrian Rebels During Search For Pilots Shot Down By Turkey (Video)


Syrian rebels reportedly blew up a Russian rescue helicopter that was searching for missing pilots of a Russian plane that was shot down by Turkey on Nov. 24 (video below). The Russian helicopter had to make an emergency landing in Syria's Latakia province, reports the Daily Mirror. The Syrian rebels, who are supported by the U.S., claimed they hit the helicopter with an anti-tank missile (made in the U.S.), which appears to be confirmed by the video. According to the Daily Star, one Russian soldier, who was part of the rescue, was killed by members of the Free Syrian Army. Russian President Vladmir Putin told Turkey's government that there would be "significant consequences" for shooting down the Russian jet, which the pilots bailed out of before it went down. Putin called Turkey's actions a "stab in the back," but the Turks claimed the plane violated their airspace. Putin countered that the Russian jet was shot down in Syria, not Turkey. Russia has been a long-time ally of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, whom the Turkish government opposes. Turkey is a member of NATO, which makes them an ally of the U.S. The Syrian rebels, who oppose Assad, are also allies of the U.S., which has supported removing Assad because of his alleged war crimes that were reported by CNN in October.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Daily Star, CNN / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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