Billionaire's Son Explains Why He Killed His Mother


The teenage son of Russian retail entrepreneur Igor Sosin says he killed his mother while he was under the influence of drugs because he wanted to "expel the devil" from her.

Yegor Sosin, 19, says he strangled his mother to death with a phone charger cable in a Russian hotel suite in the Volga River city of Kazan in December 2015.

According to International Business Times, the two had arrived in Kazan to attend the Family Constellations and Cosmic Power workshop of German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.

"I met with mother for some kind of treatment procedures, mother gave me some pills," said Yegor. "And later in the apartment -- that is, in our hotel -- some strange things started happening, hallucinations, as I see it now."

He claimed his mother, Anastasia Novikova-Sosina, 44, wanted to have sex with him, so he viciously assaulted her, says a witness.

Hotel manager A. Mananov told investigators, “According to him, she tried to persuade him to be intimate, and gave some pills. Sosin said that he refused to have sex, and then expelled the devil out of her.”

Yegor was arrested at the Koston Royal Hotel after reports of loud disturbances from their room.

A hotel guest also saw the teenager walking around covered in blood. Police found Novikova-Sosina’s body on the bed, with her son in the room.

He told investigators:

“I had been choking her about half an hour. Satisfied that she had died, I sat on her and began to punch her with all my force. I hit her in the face. There were not less than 30 hits, they were strong. I cried when I hit her, and I was well aware that with my actions I was killing my mother. I bit her into the neck on the right side and felt the blood in my mouth. I saw blood running from my mother's face from my hits.”

Local media reported that Yegor, who is a student at the Hult International Business School in London, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after a “preliminary finding.”

If the diagnosis is confirmed by the courts, Yegor can plead insanity and will not go to jail or face trial for murder of his mother. Instead, the teen would be placed in a psychiatric facility and would undergo mental health treatments, according to Daily Mail.

Novikova-Sosina even said her child’s behavior was “not quite sane” and that he was “obsessed with delusions of persecution.”

Yegor’s father told investigators, “On one occasion, the way he spoke seemed to me messy, so I decided that he had some inadequate condition. And then I got a call from Anastasia. She said that Yegor had had a party in their apartment and they used the laughing gas and ‘mushrooms’ there."

Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times / Photo credit: CEN via Daily Mail

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