Russian Cop Had His Brother Go To Work In His Place For Almost A Year


The twin stand-in is something you only see on bad 1990s sitcoms, but for one Russian security guard, it actually worked -- for a while at least.

Yaroslav Spivak and his younger brother Oleg look like identical twins, and exploited this when Yaroslav felt like skipping work and got his brother to cover his shifts for almost a year.

The brothers are both in their early 20s and Yaroslav would send Oleg to work as a security guard at a think-tank at Skolkovo Innovation Center near Moscow.

The company Yaroslav works for is related to the Russian interior ministry, called Ohrana, which only hires experienced police officers.

Despite his brother not being a police officer, Yaroslav would send Oleg when he didn’t feel like working, Daily Mail reported.

Management didn’t find out about the fraud for nearly a year, even though Oleg had posted two pictures wearing his brother’s uniform on social media.

The scam was uncovered when Yaroslav’s superior asked Oleg a question about a conversation from the day before. The conversation had been with Yaroslav, not Oleg.

The manager was shocked his worker could not recall a conversation they had the previous day, and in the end Oleg had to confess that he had taken his brother's place.  

“I am doing a shift instead of my brother,” said Oleg.

It is uncertain why Oleg decided to stand in for his brother, reports the Mirror.

“Yaroslav Spivak is a trained police officer and only he had a legal right to work as guard,” said a spokesman for the center. “Oleg Spivak is not a police officer, therefore he does not have any right to work at Skolkovo.”

Yaroslav is now reportedly facing termination, while local police deliberate impersonation charges against Oleg. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Mirror

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