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Runaway Truck Crashes On Highway (Video)

A runaway truck crashed into a toll barrier on the La Marquesa Lerma highway on May 19 in Toluca, Mexico (video below).

Video of the bizarre accident was filmed by a surveillance camera and posted on Facebook on May 22 by E. Fabian Lozano.

The wild crash injured seven people, some of whom were workers trying to make repairs from a trailer crash in April, according to Se Uno Noticias via RT.

Local news outlets said the truck’s brakes failed. Inspector Angel Romero Gonzalez described the result: "As soon as he approached the booths he collided with the barrier and his cargo went out to the stands that were being repaired," notes Expansion.

First responders included the Red Cross and the State Emergency System of Mexico. Two of the injured people were flown on a helicopter to a local hospital.

Commenters on shared their thoughts:

"The truck's brakes failed." Instead of "the terrible driver rode the brakes all the way down the hill" or "the awful driver never inspects the brakes before a trip" or better still, "the trucking company never maintains its trucks properly." I dunno senor, de brakes, dey failed. It was God's will.

No engine brake or ability to down shift either.

Maximizing the use of brake pads costs a lot more once they fail on route with a load. Terrible thing for a company to do.

I guess quite a few on that highway could be high on something lol.

As you see the video, that truck was traveling much faster than the rest of the traffic in that area. Even with good brakes, going into that turn, it was impossible for him to not hit the barrier. Either he was asleep at the wheel, dunk of high on drugs, or he did the act deliberately.

Force = Mass x Velocity. High speed and heavy load not good for the brake.

[A]ll i hear in my head is ARIBA!!! and then that cartoon mariachi band music.

Mexico has better highways than Russia.

A truck driver with failed brakes recently sped down a highway in Mexico City with the Mexican Federal Police following, notes NBC News.

The truck reached up to 99 mph, crossed over lanes and eventually crashed off the highway.

Fortunately, the truck driver exited on a special hard shoulder that had speed friction to slow the vehicle down.

The driver climbed out of the wreck on his own.

Sources: RT, E Fabian Lozano/Facebook, NBC News via KSNV / Photo Credit: Stevage/Wikimedia Commons

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