Runaway Robot Blocks Traffic, May Get Turned Off (Video)

A robot reportedly escaped from its makers in Perm, Russia, and blocked traffic on June 14 (video below).

Promobot laboratories said their IR77 robot was created to interact with people by giving folks directions and answering questions, noted UPI.

The robot escaped through an open gate at the lab, and made its way about 164 feet to a busy intersection.

"The robot was learning automatic movement algorithms on the testing ground, these functions will feature in the latest version of the Promobot," Oleg Kivokurtsev, a lab co-founder, told the Russian news site Ura.ru. "Our engineer drove onto the testing ground and forgot to close the gates. So the robot escaped and went on his little adventure."

The IR77 robot was gone for 45 minutes before its creators noticed it was missing, notes RT.com.

When Promobot employees tracked down the robot, it was blocking traffic, which was caught on video.

A police officer waved traffic past the mechanical marvel until a Promobot worker wheeled the robot out of the road.

Some people think the robot's escape was part of a publicity stunt by Promobot.

The video made the robot famous, and now its fans are livid that Promobot is considering de-activating it.

"We’ve cross-flashed the memory of the robot with serial number IR77 twice, yet it continues to persistently move towards the exit," Kivokurtsev told Ura.ru.

"We’re considering recycling the IR77 because our clients hiring it might not like that specific feature," Kivokurtsev explained.

However, fans of the IR77 said that de-activating the robot is like killing a human, reports RT.com, and protested on Promobot's YouTube page:

"Don’t kill it!"

"Why do you want to destroy it? You’ve broken my heart. Can’t you find a use for this unique marvel? Now we would remember there used to be a wonder-robot in your promobot family, but it was killed by tearless developers."

"Give it to me, please. I gonna find common language with it. If you’re itching to break something, itch yourself or break the chair under you."

Sources: UPIRT.com / Photo credit: Sayu Himitsu/YouTube

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