Royal Family Hides 'Negro' Plaque Before Obama Visit


Moments before President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama arrived at London's Kensington Palace to have dinner with members of the British royal family, an observant aide reportedly noticed that a plaque accompanying a painting in the palace contained the word "negro."

The observation led to a frantic effort to conceal the plaque to avoid offending the Obamas, according to the Daily Mail. The painting is in the drawing room of the palace, and shows a young, black servant holding the reins to two horses. The plaque included with the Albert Cuyp painting displayed the piece's two names -- "The Page With Two Horses," or as it is commonly referred to, "The Negro Page."

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A potted plant and lamp were placed in front of the painting, concealing the plaque.

The Obamas met with Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as well as Prince Harry. The photos released of the royal couple's apartment in the palace are the first glimpse the public has gotten since their recent redesign, which was funded in part by the equivalent of $6.5 million from the government, according to Inquisitr. The redesigned drawing room shows off William and Kate's more laid back style, resembling an old-style "country home."

The duchess is a known art lover, having graduated with a degree in art history, art critic Philip Hensher told the Daily Mail that "The Page With Two Horses," a piece from the golden age of Dutch painting, might appeal to her for its history.

"Imagine the horror when someone spotted the N-word," a source told the Sun, according to the Daily Mail.

Though the Obamas' visit began in a hectic fashion, the rest of the evening reportedly went well, with the president meeting with William and Kate's young son, Prince George. The boy met the president in an embroidered robe, and later rode on a wooden rocking horse.

Barack Obama's visit to the U.K. also saw him speaking out against discussions of a possible English "brexit" from the European Union.

"We wouldn't abandon our efforts to negotiate a trade deal with our largest trading partner, the European market," if the U.K. left the European Union, Obama warned, adding that the country would have "less influence in Europe and as a consequence, less influence globally," according to the BBC.

Source: Daily Mail, Inquistr, BBC / Photo credit: Matt Brown/Flickr, Wikipedia Commons

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