Man Saves Lives By Hugging ISIS Suicide Bomber


An Iraqi man is being called a hero after he reportedly hugged an ISIS suicide bomber and stopped him from reaching his intended target.

The man was identified as Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi, of Balad, Iraq, the India Times reported. Al-Baldawi, reportedly Muslim, physically stopped the terrorist from entering Sayyed Mohammad Shrine on July 7, saving dozens of lives in the process.

The attack was intended to destroy the shrine, Al-Manar News reported. The vest detonated as Al-Baldawi was hugging the suicide bomber.

A total of 70 people were injured in the explosion, according to a Joint Operations spokesman in Iraq, the India Times noted. Thirty-seven of those injured died. However, the death toll could have been significantly higher if it wasn't for Al-Baldawi’s quick thinking.

“Wow,” wrote one Reddit user. “What a brave selfless act. Godspeed Najih you beautiful human being.”

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“Not all heroes wear capes,” wrote another. “Rest in peace, buddy. Such a shame the world still has idiots who cut your life short.”

The Sayyed Mohammad Shrine is considered one of Iraq’s most important Shia shrines. The shrine was not damaged during the attack.

Sources: India TimesAl-Manar News, Reddit / Photo Credit: Mohammed Al-Hilli/Twitter

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