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Right-To-Die Advocate 'Dr Death' Will 'Gas' Audience During Upcoming Show

Dr. Philip Nitschke, also known as "Dr. Death," will be inviting audience members on stage during his upcoming show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and pretend to gas them.

The annual arts festival will take place on August 7-31 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Nitschke, who is a right-to-die activist, wants people to see how “a peaceful and reliable means of death” actually happens, notes The Independent.

Nitschke will debut his new Destiny euthanasia machine, which would normally deliver a lethal combination of nine percent carbon monoxide and 91 percent nitrogen, but during his "Dicing with Dr. Death" show, audience members will get 100 percent nitrogen.

Nitschke developed his new machine after talks with Neal Nicol, an assistant of the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Nitschke told The Independent:

Suicide is not a crime in the UK, and assistance is not required to use Destiny, which is perfectly legal. The gas that provides the peaceful death is not restricted. Neal Nicol was present at the deaths of over 50 people who died inhaling nine percent monoxide, and in his opinion, this method is as peaceful and effective as the more difficult administration of intravenous drugs.

Nitschke's prior death machine, Deliverance, assisted in the deaths of four people in Australia per a 1996-1997 state law that was later overturned. Deliverance currently sits in the British Science Museum.

Nitschke claims that Destiny can be used by quadriplegics and seriously disabled patients who choose to take their lives.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe says on its website that the festival features thousands of performers, from famous to unknowns who are trying to launch their careers. The various shows include: comedy, music, theater, opera, dance, cabaret and kids' programs.

Sources: The Independent, Edinburgh Festival Fringe / Photo Credit: Ratel/Wikimedia


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