Researchers Discover Terrifying New Fish Near Australia Coast

Researchers have discovered a terrifying new fish equipped with sharp teeth, fangs and potentially a tail with a stinger.

The fish was discovered off the coast of Sydney, Australia, along with a slew of other oddities.

Other fish including a scaleless blackfish, an eel-like idiacanthidae and a chauliodontidae were also found. Chief scientist Professor Iain Suthers said he was shocked to discover so many new types of fish on the journey.

“We had thought fish only developed in coastal estuaries, and that once larvae were swept out to sea that was the end of them,” Suthers said. “But in fact, these eddies are nursery grounds for commercial fisheries along the east coast of Australia.”

Researchers also discovered four extinct volcanoes on the ocean floor, located about 124 miles off of the coast. The discovery of the quartet was a happy accident.

Suthers explained that the ship was automatically mapping the ocean floor when it scanned the four volcanoes. Previously, the research vessel could only scan up to 10,000 feet. Because of this, important features like calderas were often missed.

“It proves yet again that we know more about the topography of Mars than we do the sea bed of our own backyard,” Suthers said.

According to Suthers, sonar images show that there are large craters atop all four volcanoes, indicating that they have already erupted. He noted that there’s no real chance of them exploding because they’ve been dead for so long. 

Sources: DailyMail, Newberry News

Photo Credit: Pinterest


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