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Poisoned Food Reportedly Kills 45 ISIS Fighters In Mosul

Reports originating from the Iraqi media are claiming that 45 Islamic State (ISIS) fighters died after eating a poisoned meal in Mosul.

According to a spokesman for the Kurdish Democratic Party, 145 ISIS members participated in the Iftar meal, which is held during Ramadan to break the daily fast, and 45 later died, Israeli daily Haaretz reports.

The Kurdish Democratic Party spokesman added that it remained unclear whether this was a case of deliberate poisoning or merely an instance of food poisoning.

Mosul was captured by ISIS in June 2014, and is the largest city under the group’s control. At the time of the ISIS takeover, it had a population of over 1 million.

Rumors of a similar poisoning incident surfaced late last year when British media outlets claimed that fighters with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had infiltrated an ISIS camp. The FSA members posed as chefs and killed dozens by serving a poisoned lunch before escaping to safety.

Sources: IJReview, Independent, Haaretz

Photo Credit: IJReview, Wikipedia


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