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Reporter Tries To Eat As Many Calories As Tour De France Cyclist, Gets Sick (Video)

During the famous Tour de France bicycle race, cyclists reportedly consume about 8290 calories in one day because they can burn up to 10,000 calories in five-and-a-half hours of cycling.

NRK (Norway) reporter Nicolay Ramm recently tried to eat 8290 calories in a single sitting after consulting with a cyclist team chef regarding the menu (video below).

However, Ramm threw up after about five hours of eating, before he had started lunch or dinner.

According to The Advertiser, he ate "oatmeal, an omelet, 3 sandwiches, a smoothie, yoghurt, orange juice, apple, nuts, coffee, 100 grams of pasta, 9 energy bars, 31 sports drinks, 1.5 cans of coke" for a final calorie count of 4300.

Sources: NRK, The Advertiser
Image Credit: NRK Screenshot


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