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Reporter Attacked On Live Television While Covering Lebanon Protests (Video)

A reporter was attacked while covering the second day of anti-government protests in Lebanon's capital, Beirut (video below). 

The video shows Nada Andrew Aziz, a journalist for Lebanese channel LBC TV, in the middle of the scene, while protestors and police visibly clash amid clouds of smoke and water cannons. 

At one point, Aziz is halfway between several police officers and a group of protestors, which eventually converge and surround her in the process. 

Aziz screams several times, and appears to make her way out of the mob, only to be pulled back in by protestors. Several police officers can be seen swinging their batons at the group. 

According to the Daily Mail, the protesters began ripping her clothes off. 

It is not clear whether Aziz was injured in the live segment. 

Beirut's protests began over the lack of trash collection that left the city littered for weeks. 

The protests, called "You Stink" by organizers, canceled a series of protests for Aug. 24 after the previous night's clashes which resulted in at least 240 civilian injuries and 30 police injuries, according to the Daily Mail. 

Tamman Salam, Lebanon's prime minister, admitted that protestors have more than the lack of garbage collection to be upset about. 

"The garbage crisis is what broke the camel's back, but the story is much bigger than this," he said at a Beirut news conference, reported Bloomberg News. "Did you know that because of the failure to take decisions, we may not be able to pay the salaries of a large number of public sector employees?"

Lebanon is currently without a president, and its parliament remains in a stalemate. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror, BBC, Bloomberg News / Photo credit: LBC TV via Mirror / Video credit: LBC TV via BBC/Youtube


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