Report: Undocumented Immigrants Using Tour Buses

Undocumented immigrants are reportedly paying smugglers between $7,000 and $10,000 for rides on high-end tour buses to enter the U.S.

Mexico's Immigration Institute said 102 migrants were found on two buses attempting to go from the Guatemalan border to Reynosa, Mexico, which is across the border from McAllen, Texas, The Associated Press noted on June 13.

The human traffickers were reportedly bent on getting the immigrants across Mexico quickly and did not stop for food or water for two days.

In more immigration news, the Obama administration may relocate thousands of undocumented children to Alabama, reports the Alabama Media Group.

This possible action is likely to be opposed by Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who has taken a strong stand against undocumented immigration and has been an early supporter of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The undocumented youngsters may be sent to Baldwin County, which is near the senator's residence in in Mobile County.

"I hope that is not the case," Baldwin County sheriff Huey "Hoss" Mack said. "The polls I've seen is Alabama is very conservative on the immigration issue. The federal government is not."

Republican Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas said on June 14 that the Obama administration has deported only "one-twentieth of one percent" of undocumented immigrants who were overstayed their visas in 2015, reports The Daily Caller.

"This is in fact the fewest number ever deported by this administration in one year," Smith said during a hearing of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border & Maritime Security.

"I know the administration favors amnesty..." Smith added. "Is this … just part of their amnesty efforts?"

Craig Healy, the Department of Homeland Security’s assistant director for national security investigations, said 100 government analysts clocked in 650,000 hours in 2015 to study 10,000 visa overstayers.

According to Healy, many were following visa laws, and some filed applications to stay longer.

"We utilize our prioritization scheme along with the resources we have," Healy pointed out.

Smith insisted the Obama administration had not requested more funds to enforce immigration laws.

Sources: The Associated Press, Alabama Media GroupThe Daily Caller / Photo Credit: Daniel Case/Wikimedia Commons

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