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Report: Turkish Troops Shoot, Kill Kurdish Civilians Waving White Flag (Video)

A disturbing video (below) has surfaced of Turkish troops reportedly shooting, wounding and killing Kurdish civilians who were waving a white flag in Cizre, Turkey, on Jan. 20.

The civilians were pushing a cart with two dead bodies, in a possible funeral procession, notes RT.

A tank appears some distance away in the video. Moments later, shots ring out. The civilians run for cover, some are heard moaning and others appear to be dying.

According to IMC TV, its cameraman Refik Thompson, who filmed the incident, was shot in the leg, but kept his camera rolling.

Thompson was later taken to a hospital where he had surgery.

NRT reports the attack killed at least two people and wounded several others.

WARNING: Graphic content.

Sources: RT, IMC TV via Google Translate, NRT / Photo credit: IMC TV/YouTube

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