Report: People Having Sex With Horses On Rise In Switzerland


According to a new report, sexual intercourse with horses is on the rise in Switzerland.

Tier im Recht, an animal rights group, held a press conference on Nov. 26 in Zurich to announce that the criminal cases of animal abuse hit a record number of 1,709 in 2014, up from 1,542 in 2013, notes The Local.

The group also said there were 105 cases of cruelty to horses, with almost ten percent of those involving sexual activity.

“This rate is relatively elevated compared with other types of animals,” Andreas Ruttimann, a legal expert with the group, told the media.

The group stated in a press release that the actual number of unreported cases of abuse are likely to be much higher because there are 150,000 people who ride horses, 18,000 horse farms and more than 110,000 horses in Switzerland.

The 20 Minuten newspaper noted that experts think there are up to 10,000 people in the country who are “predisposed” to zoophilia, reports The Independent.

Sources: The Local, The Independent / Photo Credit: Peter O'Connor aka anemoneprojectors/Flickr

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