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Ex-Spy Alleges Russia Bribed Trump Aide


A dossier of unverified reports by a former British spy alleges that, in July 2016, a former adviser to President Donald Trump was offered a stake in a Russian oil firm in exchange for the removal of sanctions on Russia, should Trump win the election.

The dossier alleged that Igor Sechin, the CEO of Russia's state oil company, Rosneft, offered former Trump aide Carter Page a 19 percent stake in the firm, reported Business Insider.

"Sechin's associate said that the Rosneft president was so keen to lift personal and corporate western sanctions imposed on the company, that he offered Page and his associates the brokerage of up to a 19 [;percent privatized] stake in Rosneft," the dossier said. "In return, Page had expressed interest and confirmed that were Trump elected US president, then sanctions on Russia would be lifted."

The contents of the dossier, which have been repeatedly denied by Trump and remain unverified by U.S. intelligence, claim that the offer was made when Page gave a speech at the Higher Economic School in Moscow.

During the speech, Page criticized the U.S. and other Western nations for a “hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change” in Russia and in other countries that used to part of the Soviet Union, reported The New York Times.

Page was dismissed from the Trump campaign after news broke about his visit.

Page, the founder of a New York investment firm who worked in Russia for three years as an investment banker in the early 2000s, was later investigated by the FBI for his ties to Russia.

But The New York Times reported that the FBI found nothing illegal or unethical about Page's Russian connections.

Page dismissed the FBI investigation as a "witch hunt."

Sources: Business Insider, The New York Times (2), CNN / Photo Credit: Scott Dworkin/Twitter

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