Video Of Mexican Police Allegedly Fleeing Crime Scene Before Murder Goes Viral (Video)


A cellphone video (below) released on Jan. 30 purports to show police in Mexico fleeing an area only moments before a murder takes place in broad daylight.

The incident appears to have occurred in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, according to the BBC.

The armed police are seen running to their vehicles and driving off. 

Moments later, another vehicle pulls up, and gunshots and screaming can be heard.

According to The Free Thought Project, the video was originally uploaded on the Reporteros Asociados de Sinaloa (Reporter Associates of Sinaloa) Facebook page where it has garnered over 1.1 million views in six days.

Reporteros Asociados de Sinalo notes in the Facebook posting that six police officers were arrested, but there's no mention of any charges.

A body was later found on a roadside outside the community, reports The Free Thought Project.


Sources: BBC News, Reporteros Asociados/FacebookThe Free Thought Project / Photo Credit: BBC News via YouTube

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