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Report: Man Cheats In Marathon To Win Second Place, Gets Arrested (Video)

Julius Njogu was arrested by police after he allegedly joined the final half mile of the Nairobi International Marathon in Kenya to come in second place on Oct. 25 (video below).

The 28-year-old man (yellow uniform) tried to claim his $7,000 prize money, but was charged with fraud, reports the Associated Press.

Race officials were suspicious of Njogu who didn't appear to be fatigued and was not sweating like a man who just ran 26 miles.

Njogu reportedly joined the race outside Nyayo National Stadium. He blew past Shadrack Kiptoo to win second, and almost beat Joshua Kipkorir who legally won the men’s race in two hours, 13 minutes and 25 seconds.

Njogu took off his running shoes to show race officials his foot blisters to no avail, notes the Bleacher Report.

“I followed the leading team from start to finish and I didn’t see him,”  Ibrahim Hussein, the race director, told the Associated Press. “He will not be recognized and I’m so disappointed that one can cheat in this modern age. He didn’t finish second.”

Sources: Associated Press via The Guardian, Bleacher Report / Photo Credit: NTV Screenshot


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