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Report: ISIS Buries 35-45 Of Its Own Members Alive

There are reports of ISIS recently burying its own members alive because they fled the battlefield.

An unidentified source told the AhlulBayt News Agency that ISIS buried 35 of its own in the Nineveh Province.

According to the source, the ISIS members who were buried alive had been accused of fleeing fights against pro-Iraqi forces in Bashir.

Additionally, Daesh terrorists (a derogatory Arabic name for ISIS) reportedly executed 35 of their fellow terrorists via firing squad on Feb. 28 for alleged conspiracy.

On Feb. 27, the same terrorist group shot and killed a dozen of their members in the village of al-Hadar.

Those terrorists were accused of running from a fight against Iraqi forces in the western province of Anbar.

An anonymous source told Iraqi News that ISIS recently buried 45 of its members alive in the Nineveh Province, which is the same area noted by the AhlulBayt News Agency.

"ISIS had buried its members, who escaped from al-Bashir battles, inside one grave in Qayyarah vicinity in Nineveh Province," the source told Iraqi News. "The escaped ISIS members were buried alive."

"ISIS buried these members after escaping from Qasbet Bashir battles in southern Kirkuk," the source added.

In March, it was reported that ISIS was losing adults to desertion due to low pay, and was subsequently recruiting and kidnapping children to fight.

In January, ISIS reportedly burned some of its members alive after they lost Ramadi to Iraqi government troops. The ISIS fighters who lost Ramadi fled to the ISIS stronghold in Mosul.

"They were grouped together and made to stand in a circle," a former resident of northern Iraq told Fox News at the time. "And set on fire to die."

"There is no surprise on executing ISIS fighters from Ramadi," Michael Pregent, a former intelligence adviser to Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq, told the cable channel. "They did the same to fighters after Tikrmt."

"ISIS is fracturing, paranoid from within," Pregent added. "They are using women and children executions to intimidate – the harsher the tactic the more desperate the leadership is."

Sources: AhlulBayt News Agency, Iraqi News, Fox News / Photo credit: VOA/Wikimedia

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