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Attackers Saw Off Jewish Man's Finger, Beat Brother

A group of assailants allegedly kidnapped and beat two Jewish brothers on Feb. 21 in the suburbs of Paris. One brother reports that an attacker sawed off his finger. 

The two brothers were reportedly targeted because they were wearing kippahs, traditional Jewish skullcaps worn by men to show their faith.

The brothers, aged 17 and 29, say that they were driving when they noticed two men in another vehicle giving them "insistent stares."

The other vehicle forced the brothers off the main road and onto a side street, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency. The two attackers left their vehicle and approached the brothers' car, hurling anti-Semitic slurs and death threats. 

"I'm going to kill you, you dirty Jew," one attacker allegedly told them.

As the men approached, a group of Middle Eastern men left a nearby hookah shop and surrounded the brothers' car. They pulled the two out of the vehicle and began beating them, threatening to murder them both if they moved.

One man allegedly took out a metal hacksaw and sawed off one of the brothers' fingers. 

According to The Local, the victims were hospitalized and later filed a complaint with police. Neither man sustained life-threatening injuries.  

France has the third-largest Jewish population in the world, after Israel and the U.S. The Local reports that while anti-Semitic attacks in France were on the rise in 2014, they have been steadily decreasing since.

A similar story occurred in the U.S. in October 2016, according to the New York Daily News. Two brothers wearing kippahs and prayer shawls were leaving a temple in Brooklyn, New York, when they were approached by three white men who called them "f**king Jews."

The three assailants then attacked the men, leaving one with bruised ribs and the other with a black eye. 

Sources: The Local, Jewish Telegraph Agency, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: christopdesoto/Flickr

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