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Religious School Teachers Beat Student So Badly He Started Losing His Hair

Two Islamic school teachers who beat a 10-year-old student so badly that he started to lose his hair from anxiety were sentenced to a year in jail.

On Thursday, a judge at Birmingham Crown Court in England sentenced 60-year-old Mohammed Siddique and his 24-year-old son, Mohammed Waqar, after they admitted to willful cruelty to a child under 16, the BBC reports. The pair also faces a teaching ban.

The teachers confessed that they beat the boy with a plastic stick and gave him back-handed slaps for "talking in the classroom" or not working hard enough at Sparkbrook Islamic Centre, a part of the Jamia Mosque in Birmingham, England. They also called him cruel names.

Photographs of the boy's injuries show extensive bruising to the back of his legs.

The assaults happened four different times, according to the Mirror.

"He describes how this has had a great effect on him, causing him to lose hair as he was getting very stressed," prosecutor Sam Forsyth said, reading the victim impact statement. "When he was bruised he would try and hide them with clothing even in very hot weather and make excuses not to go to the center, such as having tummy ache. He would get very upset about small things."

The defendants' attorney, Charanjit Jutla, said that past students and other professionals hold the two men in very high regard, and that they are both very sorry for what they have done.

Those who attend the nearby mosque said that Siddique, who is also an Imam, was a "polite gentleman."

"This is not a case where you each overreacted only once to provocation, neither is it a case in which you misunderstood what constitutes proper punishment and therefore requires some guidance from probation services as to where that boundary lies," Judge Mark Wall QC said. "Added to that, there must be no mistake about the message taken from this case. Acts of brutality of this sort which you each indulged in, with a stick, will not be tolerated."

Sources: BBC, Mirror / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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