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Relatives Of Osama Bin Laden Killed In Plane Crash In England, Bin Laden Family Friend Says

A stepmother and half sister of September 11 mastermind, Osama bin Laden, were among those killed Friday when a small jet slid and overshot a runway in England, a bin Laden family friend has said. 

The crash occurred around 3 p.m. Friday at Blackbushe Airport in the town of Hampshire, about 40 miles southwest of London, NBC News reports.

“We can confirm that there were four people on board, including the pilot,” Olga Venner, of the Hampshire Police, told The Guardian. “Sadly, there were no survivors. No one on the ground has been injured and we would urge anyone with any information, including pictures or videos, to contact 101.”

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Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash.

The pilot — a Jordanian national, according to the Daily Mail — has not yet been identified. 

The other three killed were Rajaa Hashim, bin Laden’s stepmother; her daughter, Sana bin Laden; and Sana’s husband, Zuhair Hashim, the family friend told NBC. 

Police and government officials in Hampshire have not yet released the names of the victims, but the names of the bin Laden relatives have been widely reported on Arabic media websites, according to The Guardian. 

The Saudi Embassy in the United Kingdom said in a tweet that Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf offered his condolences to the bin Laden family, according to NBC. And the Saudi government reportedly confirmed that the plane, a Phenom 300 jet, was a Saudi-registered aircraft. 

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Sana bin Laden and the former Al Qaeda leader, who was killed by U.S. troops in Pakistan in 2011, shared the same father, Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden.

Their father, a wealthy Saudi building contractor, is believed to have had around two dozen wives and fathered 54 children. The bin Laden family patriarch is said to have divorced frequently, as Saudi law only allows men to have four wives at a time, according to the Daily Mail.

Rajaa Hashim was among those many wives, making her the former terrorist leader’s stepmother. 

Osama bin Laden was born to Hamida Alia Ghanoum in 1957. She is believed to have married Mohammed bin Laden sometime earlier in the 1950s. 

Mohammed bin Laden died in a plane crash in 1967, according to The Guardian. 

Sources: NBC News, Daily Mail, The Guardian / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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