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Recruitment Video For Terrorist Group Al-Shabaab Features Donald Trump (Video)

Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda affiliate, has released a new recruitment video urging Muslim Americans to stand against the United States, and they use Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's proposed Muslim ban to support their argument (video below).

“The United States is waging an aggressive war against the American Muslims,” the narrator says in the video posted to YouTube. “Guilty by their association to Islam, Muslims are subject to constant surveillance and police raids.”

“Such a brazen assault on civil rights has left many Muslims with no choice but to flee the oppressive Western atmosphere for the lands of Islam,” the narrator adds. "Because in the United States, basic human rights and concepts such as justice, tolerance, and the rule of law do not apply if you are Muslim."

The video then cuts to old footage of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was born in the United States before leaving the country to join al-Qaeda, CNN reported. He was killed by a U.S. drone strike in 2011 in Yemen.

“Muslims of the West…there are ominous clouds gathering in your horizon," al-Awlaki says. "Yesterday, America was a land of slavery, segregation, lynching, and Ku Klux Klan. Tomorrow it will be a land of religious discrimination and concentration camps.”

The video then cuts to footage from Trump’s speech calling to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on,” Trump says, with the word “hell” bleeped out.

The recruitment video then cuts back to footage of al-Awlaki, who urges American Muslims to make a choice.

“My advice to you is this,” al-Awlaki says. “You have two choices, either hejira or jihad, you either leave or you fight. You leave and live among Muslims, or you stay behind and follow the example of Nidal Hassan and others who fulfilled their duty of fighting for Allah's cause.”

Hassan, a former Major in the U.S. Army and psychiatrist, was sentenced to death for killing 13 people and injuring 32 others in a 2009 mass shooting at the Fort Hood, Texas, military base shortly before he was to be deployed to Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported.

He made a brief opening statement in court where he took responsibility for the shooting and said he was a soldier who had decided to “switch sides” in what he believed was a U.S. war against Islam.

Al-Shabaab's use of Trump calling to ban Muslims as a way to back their claims that the United States will turn against Islam gives more credit to what Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said during a town hall event in December.

“[ISIS is] going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists,” Clinton said, according to CNN.

While that claim has not been proven, the release of this video does show that terrorist groups are paying attention and using such material to promote their cause.

Sources: CNN, Presidential Candidates USA on YouTube, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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