Rapist Released And Assaults Two More Women


After his release from a 10-year jail sentence for rape, a 34-year-old Somalian man was able to successfully challenge his deportation order and remain in Britain. He then went on to brutally attack two more women before he was re-arrested. 

Dahir Ibrahim was initially convicted in 2005 after sexually assaulting a prostitute, according to The Telegraph. The judge additionally ordered that Ibrahim was to be deported back to Somalia after he completed his sentence, but he was able to successfully appeal. Shortly after his release, however, he went on to rape and beat two more women as they walked through large city centers. The attacks took place less than six weeks apart.

In September 2014, Ibrahim lured the first victim down an alleyway by offering to sell her drugs. He then raped her at knife point and beat her severely. She was able to flee with the help of a driver, according to The Telegraph. Then, in October 2014, he attacked yet another woman by threatening her with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver before raping and beating her. 

After his arrest, Ibrahim denied all involvement but forensic DNA evidence from the first victim's fingernails clearly pitted him as the assailant, according to Yahoo! News. Ibrahim changed his plea to guilty but his lawyer attempted to argue that Ibrahim had no idea that the things he was doing were unacceptable, as he witnessed a number of atrocities in his home country. 

The Telegraph reports that his lawyer claimed that "[Ibrahim] had a lack of understanding of what is acceptable in the U.K.," and that the attacks were "more opportunistic than pre-planned [with] no long-term physical injury sustained by the victims."

Ibrahim was sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in prison. "I am pleased that he has spared these women the further ordeal of a trial and he will now be behind bars and no longer a danger to the public," said Detective Constable Gavin McGrath.

The Telegraph reports that Ibrahim will be deported after completing his latest sentence. 

Sources: The Telegraph, Yahoo! News / Photo credit: Yahoo! News

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