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Rapist Arrested, Jailed Thanks Selfie He Took On His Phone (Photos)

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A rapist in the U.K. was arrested and jailed thanks to a selfie he took on his phone that identified him to police.

According to reports, a 19-year-old Southampton Unversity student was walking home from a night out around 1 a.m. on February 26th when 21-year-old Shumel Ahmed jumped from behind bushes and grabbed her by the neck. Ahmed dragged her into the bushes and began raping her. When the girl started screaming for help, Ahmed punched her in the head repeatedly and threatened to kill her if she didn’t quiet down.

“She knew if she struggled it would get worse. She lay there praying for help. She said ‘I won’t tell anyone, just don’t kill me’,” prosecutor Rachel Robertson said. 

A male University student, also on his way home at the time, heard the screams and quickly rushed to the girl’s aid. Ahmed began beating the student, giving the girl a chance to escape. Officers rushed to the scene after residents reported hearing screams.

Only 90 minutes later, Ahmed reportedly returned to the scene.

“We believe he was there to try and retrieve his hat which he had left there,” Detective Sergeant Paul Harrison said. the 21-year-old was questioned by officers, who began searching through his phone.

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A selfie was discovered on the phone that showed Ahmed wearing the same baseball cap that had been left at the scene, prompting officers to arrest and charge him. 

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Ahmed was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape and 4 years for assault with intent to rob. 

“The bravery and courage of the victim has been paramount in securing this conviction.  Understandably this has been a traumatic time for her; but with the support of specially trained officers from our Amberstone team, she has worked with us to help us preserve and collate evidence which has put this man behind bars,” Harrison said. “The length of this prison sentence reflects the gravity of this crime.”

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Sources: Daily Echo, Heart

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