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Raging Bull Smashes Into Terrified Family's Car (Video)

A clip of a bull smashing into a family's car during a Spanish bull festival has shocked many worldwide (video below).

In the video, the bull runs toward a black SUV and nearly flips it on its side as its terrified passengers try to take cover.

The bull uses just one horn to tilt the car nearly all the way over, causing it to move violently up and down. Liquid pours from the car's engine.

After about 20 seconds, the bull tires of the car and turns his attention to the revelers on the street, who had been egging the bull to chase them.

It's not clear if anybody was injured, the Daily Mail reports.

While many may be scared by the incident, experts say this is not typical bull behavior.

"They may look ferocious, but they are shy and nervous," said a chief stableman. "If you were to walk into their pasture, they would probably run away, not charge at you."

For many, the scene is reminiscent of other bull attacks, some of which have sparked debate over whether  bullfighting and bull running should continue.

In July, 29-year-old Spanish bullfighter Victor Barrio was killed by a bull. He was the first matador to die from a bull attack in 30 years.

While many in Spain mourned his death, with even government officials paying tribute, the incident sparked controversy worldwide.

Many viewed the man as a hero, while others -- who believe bullfighting is a barbaric sport -- think otherwise.

"Leaving aside the hundreds of bulls slaughtered each year, this so-called sport surely isn’t worth the loss of a human life," wrote David Jones in an opinion article for the Daily Mail.

Also in July, a man in Xico, Mexico, ended up unconscious after a bull attacked him.

While teasing a bull in front of him, the man did not realize another one was right behind him.

The bull flipped the man 10 feet into the air, and leaving him unconscious in the street, before more bulls ran to attack.

He was severely injured, but survived the attack, reports Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail (2, 3), YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube via Daily Mail 

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