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Radio Host Gunned Down While On The Air

A radio host in Camocim, Brazil, was killed while on the air on August 6.

Gleydson Carvalho was shot five times by two gunmen in Radio Liberdade's building, notes the International Business Times.

Carvalho, who often criticized government corruption, was playing music during his lunchtime radio show when he was murdered.

“It all happened very fast,” Ricardo Farias, a radio station employee told the local media, notes The New York Times.

"He received threats that they were going to kill him, and he would say on the air that he was threatened but unafraid of anyone,” Farias stated. “I always said he shouldn’t act like that.”

Police arrested Francisco Carneiro Portela and Gisele Sousa do Nascimiento, who are boyfriend and girlfriend, in connection with the murder.

Camocim Chief of Police Herbert Ponte stated:

The two killers had fled by the time we arrived but we don't have any doubt that the couple we've taken into custody are linked to the crime and the property was used to plan the murder.

The suspects wanted for allegedly pulling the trigger are Tiago Lemos da Silva and Jefferson, also known as "Dudu," notes the International Business Times.

Maria Laura Canineu, Human Rights Watch' Brazil director, said in a statement:

Attacks against journalists for their work threaten freedom of expression and the very fabric of democracy. It is crucial for the authorities to ensure full accountability for the killing of Carvalho and other journalists to guarantee that reporters in Brazil can work without fearing for their lives.

Sources: International Business Times, Human Rights Watch, The New York Times / Photo Credit: Radio Liberdade Facebook Screenshot


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