Raccoon Skillfully Steals Doughnut Inside Coffee Shop (Video)


A mischievous raccoon was recently caught on video (below) stealing a doughnut from inside a coffee shop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Peter Jensen, who filmed the incident, would not reveal the exact location of the shop, but told BuzzFeed Canada, “I kind of freaked out a little bit.”

Jensen noticed someone or something moving the ceiling ties, and then a small hand appeared.

The raccoon dropped down from the ceiling, stole an orange doughnut and climbed back into the ceiling.

“If he falls out of that hole it’s gonna hurt,” a voice is heard saying, noted RT.

“People outside were cheering when he finally got the doughnut,” Jensen told BuzzFeed Canada.

A waitress told Jensen animal control was not able to apprehend the thief.

Sources: BuzzFeed Canada, RT / Photo credit: Peter Jensen/YouTube Screenshot

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