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Putin Confirms Terrorist Bomb Brought Down Russian Airliner In Egypt; Vows Revenge

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that it was terrorists that brought down a Russian passenger plane in October, killing 224 people over Egypt. He vowed vengeance for the deaths in remarks released recently. 

“It is not the first time that Russia confronts barbarous terrorist crimes", Putin said in a Nov. 16 meeting wth security chiefs, according to Agence France-Presse. 

“The murder of our people in Sinai is among the bloodiest crimes in terms of victims,” he said according to comments released Nov. 17. “We will not wipe away the tears from our soul and hearts. This will stay with us forever but will not stop us finding and punishing the criminals.”

Russia’s security chief, Alexander Bortnikov, said the plane was brought down by a bomb weighing roughly 2 pounds. 

Russia’s official confirmation that the attack was perpetrated by terrorists followed warnings, issued earlier by the United States and Britain, that it was likely a bomb that downed the airliner, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

An affiliate of the Islamic State, operating in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula claimed responsibility for the bombing. It blamed Russia’s decision to bomb militants fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the act, according to The Morning Herald.

Putin, in his remarks, promised to both hunt down the perpetrators and to continue the bombing campaign against Islamic State militants in Syria. 

“We will search for them anywhere they might hide,” he said according to AFP. “We will find them in any part of the world and punish them.”

“The combat work of our aviation in Syria must not only be continued,” he also said. “It must be intensified so that the criminals understand that vengeance is inevitable.”

Sources: Yahoo (AFP Story), The Sydney Morning Herald

Photo credit: Alexei Nikolsky/Sputnik/Kremlin via The Sydney Morning Herald

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