Protesters, Cops Clash At Olympic Torch Relay (Video)


Protesters and police clashed on July 27 during the Olympic torch relay in Angra dos Reis, Brazil (video below).

Protesters disrupted the iconic tradition and forced the torch, which was not lit, and Olympic officials, into a bus, according to Folhapress.

The relay was suspended, but picked up again in nearby Anil Beach. The protesters ultimately won out as some pre-Olympic shows were canceled.

The protesters were government workers who are angry because their pay is late, according to The Washington Post. The state of Rio de Janeiro has failed to pay some of its workers for more than two months.

There have been questions raised on how Brazil can afford to build stadiums and provide new accommodations for Olympic athletes despite widespread poverty.

The state of Rio has suffered serious financial problems because of the worldwide drop in oil prices and the state oil company engaging in huge kickbacks, The Associated Press reports.

In June, the state of Rio was declared to be a financial disaster, which meant state officials could manage finances without breaking the law, and accept $860 million from the Brazilian government for Olympic security, which will include about 85,000 police officers and military personnel.

On July 18, teachers protested near the Brazilian soccer team's camp with signs that read: "Money only for Olympics. No money for public education," reported AP.

AP noted that a recent survey taken by a Datafolha pollster found that almost 2 out of 3 Brazilians thought that hosting the Olympics would cause their nation more harm than benefit.

Some police officers have protested over their own pay delays and a lack of basic items, such as toilet paper, at police stations. At a recent airport protest, police held up signs that said: "Welcome to Hell."

Sources: Folhapress via TNOnlinevia Google Translate, The Washington Post, AP via Yahoo News / Photo credit: Unknown Original Source via YouTube

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