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Pro Surfer Caught In 25-Foot Wave (Video)

Professional surfer Mo Rahma was buried by a 25-foot wave on the coast of Mullaghmore Bay, Ireland, on Feb. 27 (video below).

The surfer, who is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, recalled his gigantic wipeout for

Once I slammed my face on the wave I just kept sliding down the face. I was praying that I would slow down and just go under before the lip smashes me. I had my eyes open to see when is my last chance to take a [breath] ... but I kept going down and every time I would hit the water I would feel like I was being punched by a boxer. I absolutely feel like I have been hit by a bus today ... my whole body hurts so bad.

Fortunately, Rahma was not injured and got back on his board to test fate again.

A bright side is that Rahma's disaster was entered into the "Wipeout of the Year" awards, which could net him $3,000.

According to his website, Rahma played for the UAE "at an international level in rugby and football." His choice of football at a young age was based on his belief that it was the only sport that existed. Following college, he discovered rugby, which was barely played in the UAE.

After suffering a career-ending injury during a rugby match, Rahma walked in water up to six hours a day as part of his recovery therapy. That's when some surfers caught his eye, and he decided to take up yet another sport. Judging by that giant wave, what could possibly go wrong?

Rahma told Sports 360 in August 2015 how he moved to Los Angeles to improve his surfing skills under former U.S. Surfing champion Sean Mattison:

I couldn't improve if I stayed in Dubai. First of all, we don't have those top, high-level surfers who can help me to progress. To get to the next level you need proper coaching and technique. With all the professional surfers training in America, I felt it was the best place to develop.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make the step to the next level in surfing. I train twice a day now. I’m in the water in the morning and gym in the afternoon. The focus is on Spain and achieving good results to put me in a good position for future events in the winter.

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