Prison Guard Breaks Out Rapist Boyfriend


A Swiss woman who worked as a prison guard is on the run with her serial rapist boyfriend, who she busted out of jail.

During a night shift at Limmattal prison in Dietikon, Zurich, 32-year-old Angela Magdici opened the door of 27-year-old Hassan Kiko's cell and rushed him out of the prison while her co-worker was napping.

Magdici and Kiko, a Syrian refugee, then fled in a car belonging to her estranged husband, Daily Mail reported. Just a few hours after the jailbreak, security footage confirmed that the car had been spotted crossing into Italy.

"We had a lot of leads, but none of them went anywhere and at the moment we are none the wiser as to where they are," police spokesman Stefan Oberlin said.

A former convict who was once incarcerated alongside Kiko said the couple is likely in Greece.

"Kiko would not have gone to Syria. His family and his friends have left Syria anyway," the ex-con said. "Both of them would have gone to Greece because she knew it really well from holidays there. And officials can't be searching for them too much because they have got their hands full with the refugee crisis."

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The ex-convict said that most inmates at the prison were aware of the relationship, and that he believes Magdici had no idea of how dangerous Kiko was:

She's given up her job, family and friends for a very dangerous man. It's actually quite a terrible situation. She wasn't only the youngest and the prettiest woman working in the jail, she was also really nice and considerate. Quite simply a really lovely person. The other convicts were often talking about it. He had her wrapped around his fingers, and made her into his victim. He would talk often about his attempts to flee from Syria to Switzerland. And how we still suffered from the torture he had endured. She fell for it completely. We all knew that they were up to something together.

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Wardens at the prison reportedly had no idea that a relationship formed between the two, The Sun reported.

"As supervisors, we need to maintain a professional relationship but sometimes it is necessary to speak in confidence with inmates," prison director Roland Zurkirchen said. "This is part of building a professional relationship and is part of everyday life. But supervisors should also keep the proper distance, which in this case did not happen."

At the time of the jailbreak, Magdici's estranged husband said they were in the process of breaking up. He began to suspect that there was another man in the picture when her interests started to change.

"She started reading the Koran," he said. "She was interest in Syria. She was watching documentaries and reading books about it."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: CEN via Daily Mail

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