President Robert Mugabe Falls Down Stairs But Zimbabwe Tries To Cover It Up

Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe and councilman of the African Union, was caught on tape falling down a set of stairs after giving a public address. No big deal, right? It happens. Well, the Zimbabwe government asked that all photos of the incident be deleted and now are denying that he ever fell.

Mugabe was leaving the podium after an address Mugabe seemed to lose his balance on the last step of a small staircase. He fell to the ground and was immediately helped back up.

Mugabe did not seem particularly shaken by the fall, but Zimbabwe officials immediately asked that all photos of the fall be deleted. Unfortunately for them, the fall was caught on video and instantly became an internet meme.

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Now the Zimbabwe government is trying to do even more damage control, releasing statements that claim Mugabe never actually fell. Information Minister Jonathan Moyo explained to the Zimbabwe Herald, “Nobody has shown any evidence of the president having fallen down because that did not happen.”

He continued, “The hump on which the president tripped was formed by two pieces of the carpet which apparently had not been laid out properly where they joined. And to be honest with you, even Jesus, let alone you, would have also tripped in that kind of situation."

Moyo concluded by saying, "In the circumstances, there’s really nothing to write home about the nonsensical celebrations by malcontents who are imagining a fall that never was since it was actually broken by the president himself.”

Mugabe is nearly 91-years-old and the Zimbabwe government has long had to answer questions about his health. He has been the president for almost 35 years, but is still questioned about his health issues.

While his aids did their best to mask the fall, Mugabe openly told the Zimbabwe Herald, “I am okay, it was just a slip.”

Sources: BBC, Washington Post / Photo Source: Independent


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