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Preschool Worker Suspended After Complaining About Kids On Facebook

A preschool in Scotland has suspended one of its workers after she took to Facebook to berate children she was caring for, calling them "wankers" and "arseholes."

Forgewood Nursery Centre trainee Hayley Neeson, 18, said that she had just returned to work from summer break and quickly reached her breaking point after several of the youngsters misbehaved, according to the Mirror.

"First day back at work," she wrote on Facebook Monday night. "Been in the room for at least 10 minutes and already been bitten, spat on, head butted and told to f**k off. Lovely manners of three year old children, bunch ae wankers."

Sixteen friends liked her post. One commented, "Forgie weans for you," and Neeson responded with a fist emoji and the words, "Aye...arseholes."

Hours later, parents flooded the preschool with complaints.

"They are only kids, and for a nursery nurse to be putting things like that up it’s unbelievable," an angry mother said, according to the Daily Record. "Parents of these children pay professionals to look after their wee ones when they have to go to work and this is the person that they are trusting with their kids?"

The mother explained that Neeson deleted the post as soon as it started to get negative attention, but people had already taken a screenshot and shared it.

“Her attitude is absolutely disgusting and she deserves to be sacked," the mother added.

Another mother said she called the preschool and was told that they had already received 27 complaints and subsequently suspended Neeson.

"I was so shocked when I saw her post, I couldn’t believe this was someone who worked with young children," she said.

"I think she should have been sacked for talking about people's children like that," she added. "She is supposed to be a professional and is paid to care for the children."

Neeson remains suspended pending an investigation. Both she and the nursery declined to comment on the situation.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Record / Photo Credit: Facebook


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