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Pregnant Teen Kills Self and Turkish Police Officer With Grenade

Diana Ramazanova, 18, has been nicknamed the ‘black widow’ of 2015 for her involvement in a suicide bombing attack. She is accused of blowing herself up by detonating a grenade in front of a police station in Istanbul, Turkey last week. A police officer was also killed in the attack and another was injured. 

According to The Daily Mail, Ramazanova, grew up South Russia in the Muslim region of Dagestan. She grew up a normal girl and was never extremely religious. She worked in Moscow as a shop assistant and in a restaurant. Ramazanova liked to wear vivid makeup and short skirts. In fact, her stepfather, Magomed Ramazanov, said he would scold her for wearing short skirts, and one of Ramazanova’s former teachers also scolded her for wearing inappropriate clothes to school. This is why it was such a shock to Ramazanova’s family and friends when she got involved with her soon to be husband, Abu Aluevitsj Edelbijev, an ISIS fighter and Norwegian citizen of Chechen origin. 

Ramazanova met Abu Aluevitsj Edelbijev online on a social networking website. She met him for the first time in person in May 2014 when she traveled to Istanbul, Turkey. The two were later married in a mosque. Soon after, Ramazanova changed her name to Sumeyra and Abu Aluevitsj Edelbijev changed his to Idris. 

It is reported that last July, Ramazanova and Edelbijev left Turkey and traveled to Syria to meet up with ISIS jihadists. Abu Aluevitsj Edelbijev, was killed while fighting in Syria last month, Dec. 2014. Sometime after, Ramazanova went back to Turkey and stayed in a hotel for 11 days before blowing herself up and killing a police officer on Jan. 6. 

According to her stepfather, he had no idea that Ramazanova had gotten married or was pregnant. He also claims to have been very surprised when he was informed by his wife that Ramazanova had traveled alone to Turkey. Ramazanova’s mother has provided Turkish investigators with photos of her daughter and a DNA sample. The investigation is ongoing. 

Sources:, middleeastonline



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