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Pregnant Mom Who Receives $58,000 In Benefits Each Year Seen Shopping At Expensive Purse Store

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Pregnant mother of 11 and British woman Cheryl Prudham was allegedly caught shopping at an expensive purse store recently, despite relying on $58,000 in benefits each year.

Prudham was spotted with her family at one of Mulberry’s branches purchasing a luxury product. Her husband, Rob, initially pointed out a red shoulder bag in the window and the family eventually went inside. After browsing, the family left with a small gray carrier bag.

Though it’s not clear exactly what item Prudham purchased, the average Mulberry Bayswater handbag costs about $1,300. The smaller wallets cost hundreds of dollars each. 

Shockingly, this isn’t the first time the Prudhams have been caught seemingly abusing their benefits money. Last year, the family used $10,000 in benefits to take a vacation.

“I don’t feel bad about using taxpayers’ money,” Prudham said. “We’re entitled to a holiday.”

Though the couple intended to separate, the two decided to stay together last month because they receive more benefits with every child they have. In order to make the most of their situation, Mr. Prudham also works just enough hours to claim working tax credit.

The couple’s total income is nearly $90,000. Currently, the family is on a waiting list for a seven-bedroom council house, since their current lodgings are “too cramped.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Capital Bay / Photo Credit: London Fashion News


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