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Poll: Half Of U.K. Muslims Would Ban Homosexuality

A new poll has found that 52 percent of British Muslims believe that homosexuality should not be legal in the country, while 18 percent believe it should be.

The ICM survey also found that 47 percent do not think a gay person should be allowed to work as a teacher, reports The Guardian.

In contrast, only 5 percent of all Brits would make homosexuality illegal, and 14 percent would not allow gay teachers.

The survey also found that 86 percent of British Muslims have a strong sense of belonging in Britain, compared to the average of all Brits: 83 percent. A whopping 91 percent of British Muslims have a strong feeling of belonging in their local neighborhoods, compared to the 76 percent national average.

A large majority, 88 percent, of British Muslims believe the U.K. is a good country for Muslims to live in, and 78 percent want to integrate into British society, except for Islamic schooling and some laws.

When it comes to terrorism, 4 percent of Muslims in the U.K. sympathize with those who do suicide bombings, and 4 percent sympathize in general with terrorist acts as political protest.

Twenty-three percent of British Muslims would support Sharia law being instituted in some areas of the country, 39 percent believe "wives should always obey their husbands," 66 percent condemned those who would stone adulterers, and 31 percent believe it is OK for a British Muslim man to have more than one wife, compared to only 8 percent of the general population.

The poll is part of an upcoming British TV program, "British Muslims Really Think," that will be hosted by Trevor Phillips, who used to head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The program is set to air on April 13.

"I thought Europe's Muslims would gradually blend into the landscape," Phillips told The Sunday Times Magazine, notes the Daily Mail. "I should have known better.

"Britain desperately wants us to think of its Muslims as versions of the Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, or the cheeky-chappy athlete Mo Farah. But thanks to the most detailed and comprehensive survey of British Muslim opinion yet conducted, we know that just isn't how it is."

Sources: The Guardian, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Alfredo Borba/Wikimedia

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