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Political Activist Caught Urinating On Voter's Home (Video)

An activist for the UK Independence Party was caught on video (below) urinating on a voter's home in Stoke-on-Trent, England, on Feb. 18.

The homeowner, 73-year-old Marjorie Pinches, caught the political worker and told him to "go away."

Marjorie recalled her experience to a local newspaper, The Sentinel:

I automatically put the cameras on before I opened the front door, I always do. I saw this man who put the leaflet through.

After he did that, I saw him having a good look round the side of my house and then he started to urinate up my fence.

I went out and had a word with him and then before I could shut my front door, he put his foot on the step and he was saying he wanted to use my toilet.

I said, "You are not coming in," and then he had got his shoulder in the door and was pushing, trying to get in. The door was pushing my leg and it was painful.

It's been almost five years since I lost my husband and I am very dubious about opening the door, that's why I have got these cameras.

Marjorie's son, Steve, who installed the cameras at his mother's house, recalled her reaction:

She was really flustered and distressed when I got there. I am just disgusted really, it should not happen. Even if he was nothing to do with Ukip and just an individual, it still definitely should not have happened.

I don't think he is a thug, he is just an old guy who has got himself into a situation but it's gone over the top and it hurt mum's leg. We want to find out who this guy is. I do not mean any harm but he needs to know that you can't do this.

Steve posted the video on his Facebook page with a message for the Ukip party:

I DEMAND that this is investigated and I have already informed the police within the last hour. This incident is on cctv and I will ensure.. actually I guarantee that someone WILL be held accountable for their actions. Let's see how long this takes for a response, and I've also left a voicemail with your head office.

Ukip Chairman Paul Oakden told The Sentinel that the 78-year-old political worker has "prostate problems” and will not be punished:

He was embarrassed enough to be caught short, even more so that he was seen. We are not going to take punitive action against a 78-year-old member with prostate problems. We are of course very sorry that this happened and pass the resident our sincere apologies.

A spokesman for Ukip also mentioned the man's prostate difficulties:

A 78-year-old party member who recently had hospital treatment for prostate problems was caught short while out leafleting. He found what he thought was a quiet alleyway and relieved himself.

However, a local resident saw him and was understandably annoyed. The member was mortified and tried to apologize.

The unidentified activist stated: "I am truly, truly sorry for the upset I caused this resident. I can only apologize. It's very embarrassing and I can only pass on my deep regret."

Local police are investigating the incident.

Sources: The Sentinel, Steve Pinches/Facebook / Photo credit: Visual Hunt

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