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Police: Teen Beheaded Rival, Showed Head To Girlfriend

A teen in Russia has reportedly confessed to beheading an acquaintance and then showing the severed head to his girlfriend.

Nikita Rasskazov, 16, murdered Artyom Shustov, 19, in a jealous rage after his 17-year-old girlfriend, Olena Matsneva, accused Shustov of sexually assaulting her, according to the Daily Mail.

The teens arranged to meet in a park to settle the issue. Once there, Nikita pulled a kitchen knife from his bag. Shustov tried to flee, but Nikita ​stabbed him in the back, at which point they both fell to the ground, according to the Siberian Times.

As they struggled, Nikita​ began decapitating Shustov with the knife, eventually cutting his head clean off.

Nikita then reportedly put the severed head in his backpack and moved Shustov's body to another area of the park. Upon returning home, he concealed his bloody clothes in his room, took a shower and went to sleep.

"The next day Nikita went to Olena and told her about the murder and showed her the severed head," an official close to the investigation said, according to the Siberian Times. "Then he put some stones in the backpack with the head and threw it [into] the River Silinka."

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It all began when Olena told Nikita​ that Shustov had forced himself onto her at a party, at which point Nikita vowed revenge. But witnesses from the party say the sexual contact between Olena and Shustov was initiated by Olena .

"We were then in the apartment with them and personally saw what was happening," an anonymous friend said, according to the Daily Mail. "The next day, Olena obviously regretted what had happened and she told her boyfriend Nikita. She explained it as if Artyom had harassed her and tried to rape her."

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Nikita​ was later arrested and has since confessed to the murder, although he has not yet been charged.

According to an acquaintance of Nikita's, he had been showing signs of violent behavior.

"Nikita was spending a lot of time in online groups devoted to maniacs and often carried a knife with him," the acquaintance said.

Meanwhile, Shustov has been described by friends as amiable.

"He had no enemies, ever," one friend said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Siberian Times / Photo credit: via Daily Mail, Siberian Times

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