Police Use Chainsaw On Suspects' Front Door (Video)


Police in Cardiff, Wales, used a chainsaw to open a suspect's front door on March 30 and posted a video (below) of the operation to Twitter.

The chainsaw took 20 seconds to cut through the front door, the Telegraph notes, and then South Wales Police announced their presence, entered the residence and arrested two people suspected of money laundering.

Chainsaws are becoming the preferred tool of entry over battering rams in order to speed up the process, according to the Telegraph. A chainsaw was used in a prior incident by the police force in February, which netted 24 people.

"SWP_TST4 another successful advanced MOE to gain entry to assist Cardiff drugs team," the South Wales Police tweeted.

However, some social media users expressed their concerns with the chainsaw method with reply tweets.

One person tweeted, "I'd be a little concerned about there being a child or pet behind that door!" The police replied, "So are we and safety is paramount. These methods are carefully planned out with support from @WelshAmbulance HART teams."

Another user tweeted: "Another family victimized by the hypocrital drug war? Your bosses are biggest drug lords or all." There was no response by the police.

Twitter users were supportive, but still doubtful:

"excellent to see tough response to community concerns."

"why kick a door in when you can just chainsaw your way in haha x."

"Try that in America and you'd catch lead before you got halfway thru."

"I think the noise would make them move, also looks like a cover on blade to stop it going through door too much."

"what if there was a pet behind that door? Or a kid? Or any other innocent party really?"

Eight UK police officers used a three-foot-long chainsaw in 2014 to cut through a front door during a drug raid in Worcestershire, England, reported the Daily Mail.

When the police entered, they were confronted by two dogs, but were able to subdue the canines with a spray called "bite back."

They cops arrested three suspects, two men and one woman, in the raid.

Sources: SWP Operations/Twitter, The Telegraph, Daily Mail / Photo credit: South Wales Police via Barros Rodrigues/YouTube

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