Police: Teen Famous For Stealing Expensive Cars (Video)


An unidentified teen is reportedly famous for stealing expensive cars, going on wild rides and escaping the police in Sweden (video below).

The teen escaped from custody on July 12, and allegedly stole an Audi Q5.

Stefan Dangart, a spokesperson for Swedish police, told RT.com: "There was a 16 year old boy, who was in custody ... He managed to get away and a nearby car was stolen. This guy is known for stealing cars all over the country."

"Probably, he’s gone to Stockholm," Dangart added. "Sooner or later we’ll catch him."

The 16-year-old boy has driven on the country's highways at over 125 mph, roared down the wrong lanes, made dangerous U-turns and given the police the finger, but by law the police can't chase someone speeding over 125 mph.

“We interrupt the hunt immediately," Anders Jacobsson, a police spokesperson in Jarfalla, told the Aftonbladet newspaper, RT.com reports. "We can’t follow suit."

Jacobsson wants new laws that would allow the police to catch these types of car thieves, but admits that might not be enough.

"The legislation seems like it does not matter what kind of crime he has committed...," Jacobsson added. "He goes back to correction facility, spends four days there and runs again. It is absurd that it will continue [to do so] and that Sweden can’t take care of him."

"[Police] know that one day he will kill himself or anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," Jacobsson said.

The teen has reportedly stolen Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Lexus cars.

Jacobson recalled that the teen once stole a Porsche and defiantly made an obscene gesture at the cops.

"He wants to be chased," Jacobsson said.

The Aftonbladet recently released a video, dated Aug. 28, 2015, that shows the teen driving wildly on highways near Stockholm.

The newspaper noted that the teen has escaped from juvenile hall six times.

Sources: RT.com, Aftonbladet via RT.com / Photo credit: SanVic/YouTube

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