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Police Officer Uses Taser On Own Race Relations Adviser (Video)

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Officer Claire Boddie was charged with using her stun gun on police race relations adviser Judah Adunbi on Jan. 14 in Bristol, England (video below).

An unidentified neighbor recorded a police officer discharging her stun gun into a man's face, notes the Daily Mail.

The officer yelled: "Taser. Taser. You've been tasered," while a bystander said: "That was totally unnecessary."

Boddie says she mistook the 63-year-old Adunbi for a criminal suspect, reports RT.

Adunbi was arrested for assaulting a police officer, but the charge was soon dropped.

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Adunbi is the race relations adviser for the police in the area. Boddie and another officer were reportedly searching for a suspect when they came upon Adunbi.

A spokesperson for the Independent Police Complaints Commission issued a statement on how the charges were filed:

An Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation concluded in June and a file of evidence was sent to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The CPS decided there was sufficient evidence and it was in the public interest to charge the officer.

The IPCC began an investigation after the police force voluntarily referred a complaint about the incident, during which a 63-year-old man was Tasered.

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A spokesperson for the Avon and Somerset police also issued a statement:

The IPCC has confirmed that one officer will face a criminal charge of assault following an incident involving a 63-year-old man in Bristol in January.

Now criminal proceedings have started, this prevents us from commenting further on the circumstances surrounding this matter, other than to reiterate that we're continuing to fully cooperate with the IPCC as their investigation progresses.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh has made clear from the start of this investigation that we will discuss the matter fully and publicly once the investigation has concluded.

Metro News notes that Adunbi is the co-founder of the Independent Advisory Group in Bristol, which was created with the police to improve relations between law enforcement and the Afro-Caribbean community.

Readers on RT weighed in on the incident:

Tasering a non compliant, aggressive ranting lunatic is perfectly acceptable.

[T]here is no point in knocking the guy who was tazed because you dont like coloured people, he was assulted by the officers in uk law, he was tazed for no reason and the police complaints commission found in his favor.

Technically they are criminals and traitors anyway. What about police tasering children? It's in the thousands.

[T]hat why they should not have guns as it was clear the stupid woman cant determine when a situation is dangerous.

Sources: RT, Daily Mail, Metro / Photo credit: Jason Bain/Flickr, Junglecat/Wikimedia Commons, Andrew/Flickr

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