Police: Father Killed Boy On Advice Of Holy Man To Heal Son

Kodai Harijan reportedly confessed to killing a boy, Jivan Kohar, because a so-called holy man allegedly told him that the human sacrifice would somehow heal his 18-year-old son in Kudiya, Nepal.

Police claim that Harijan admitted to cutting Kohar's throat with a sickle, reports the Daily Mail (which identified Harijan as Hirijan).

CNN and The Kathmandu Post referred to Kodai's last name as Harijan.

Kohar's body was found outside Kudiya on July 24.

According to police, Harijan and some family members lured Kohar with biscuits and a promise of 49 cents, notes CNN.

Kohar was reportedly taken by the group to a religious temple for a ritual, and then to a field where he was held down and nearly decapitated.

Harijan's wife told authorities what happened; Harijan was arrested in neighboring India.

Eleven people were arrested, including the holy man. Five people have admitted to taking part in the murder; they are facing life in jail.

Some of Nepal's poorest and least educated people live in Kudiya per the country's caste system. Many residents are reportedly very superstitious and take part in animal sacrifices.

Officials are planning to start an awareness program to warn people against following superstitions.

Sources: CNN, Daily Mail, The Kathmandu Post / Photo Credit: Chmee2/Wikimedia


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