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Police Chase Car In Moscow Traffic (Video)

While televised police chases happen with regularity in large U.S. cities, a rare glimpse of a chase in Moscow has surfaced (video below).

REN TV, a Russian television channel, obtained surveillance footage of a purported armed gang trying to flee the cops, notes

The suspects didn't get too far in the video as they crashed into a bus, and were soon surrounded by the cops. However, the action didn't end there.

According to witnesses, the alleged gang members and the police fired shots at each other before three suspects were arrested.

A wild police chase in Moscow happened live on the web in May 2016 when Ruslan Shamsuarov, the son of a Russian oil company executive, and some rowdy friends led six police cars on a high-speed pursuit, noted

The chase was live-streamed from inside the fleeing car via Periscope.

The young folks were told to pull over by the police for speeding, but continued going and broke more traffic laws.

The youths eventually stopped the car in a residential area and tried to flee on foot, but were caught by police in a park.

The fun continued as the joyriders live-streamed themselves again while the cops checked their IDs and paperwork.

The young people compared their 10-minute chase to a video game, and joked about their $75 fine.

After heavy media coverage of the incident, Shamsuarov told Life News that "it will never happen again," and offered an apology to "anyone who could have witnessed these events."

Shamsuarov defended a friend, who did the driving, as being pressured into the chase because "he did not want to appear weak."

Commenters on YouTube skewered the chase as "yet another incident when 'gilded youth' think they’re all-powerful," and said Shamsuarov's dad "should realize that the political damage done by his son exceeds that of some locksmith’s boy, and only then will such outbursts cease to happen," reported

Sources: (2), INFORM/YouTube / Photo credit: Artem Svetlov/Flickr

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