Police Beat Portuguese Soccer Fan In Front Of His Son (Video)


Jose Magalhaes, his two sons and his father, 66, attended a soccer match between Benfica and Vitoria Guimaraes in Guimaraes, Portugal, on Sunday.

However, soon after they left the stadium, Magalhaes and his elderly dad were beaten by police officers (video below).

Magalhaes told the Associated Press that the police had originally allowed his family to exit the stadium because his kids were getting crushed by fans who were celebrating Benfica winning the Primeira Liga title.

Magalhaes and his family were outside the stadium when they were approached by the police.

Magalhaes recalled, "The policeman came over ... and asked us why we had brought children to a stadium if we knew there might be trouble. I told him, gesticulating, that he should be more concerned about the problems inside the stadium."

"The next thing I know he's on top of me," Magalhaes added.

The police report claimed that the family had left the soccer stadium without authorization, noted Expresso (a Portuguese news site), translated by Deadline.com.

The police claimed that Magalhaes threatened a Deputy Commissioner police officer and spat in his face. The cops also allege that Magalhaes knew a bystander was filming the incident, and tried to take advantage of the situation.

However, there was more than one person filming the incident as the video clearly shows when the police try to corral Magalhaes' horrified son.

Magalhaes' lawyer says the police have charged Magalhaes with threatening behavior and obstruction, noted the Associated Press.

Authorities are reportedly investigating the police for possible abuse, and Magalhaes plans to file a complaint.

The Daily Mail notes there were riots in Lisbon, Portugal, in celebration of the victory.

Sources: Expresso, Deadspin.com, Associated Press, Daily Mail
Image Credit: CMTV Screenshot


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