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'Playing Around' With Duct Tape Leads To Investigation By Child Welfare Services

A Mexican mother who posted pictured of her allegedly bound and gagged baby claimed to be "playing around."

The photo was uploaded to the Facebook account of Rosa Margarita Pichardo Sotelo, who lives in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. The infant boy in the photo had duct tape covering his mouth. His hands were also tied together with the tape, reports Daily Mail.

The woman was allegedly unaware that the photo was posted under "public" Facebook settings, which led to the photo being shared among several Facebook users until it was ultimately posted in local media

The mother eventually deleted the picture and made a statement on the social media site: "My children are alright and this photo was published to the world by someone who dislikes me."

She claimed the child was in no danger. "I uploaded this photo but it is not as it seems, because we were playing around and my whole family was with me, so it was nothing sinister."

Both parents are currently under investigation by Mexico's Agency of the Public Ministry and Sexual Offenses. Both of the couple's young children will be given a psychological assessment.

"It hurts this got published because it is a lie," Sotelo said on Facebook. "It hurts that this exposes my baby."

In February 2013, a similar "playing around" incident eventually led to criminal charges for a mother in Sandusky, Ohio.

The mother had sent a picture of her child, whose eyes and mouth were covered by duct tape, to the son's father. The man contacted police to investigate further, after allegedly telling the mother that the photo was not amusing, reports Fox 43 News.

According to police reports, that mother, Tiffany Ennis, stated that her friend and both of their children were all playing with the duct tape, but her son was not injured and it was meant to be taken as a harmless joke. Erie County Children Services got involved in the case and Ennis was charged with two counts of child endangerment.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 43 News / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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